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Juan One Sepulveda

The Warrior | Oil on Canvas

The Warrior | Oil on Canvas

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"The Warrior" presents an awe-inspiring figure of a transforming Kudu that dominates the canvas. Its roots, once bound to the earth, now float freely in the air, suggesting a liberation from physical limitations. The Kudu's body, reminiscent of a mature tree stump, reinforces a sense of steadfast resilience and strength. The development of fractionalized wings is a testament to the transformational journey that the Kudu is on - a process of growth, change, and ascension towards a higher state of being.

The Kudu holding a lance implies that this is not just an evolution but a battle, suggesting the struggles inherent in any significant transformation. This struggle might reflect the fight against internal demons, societal expectations, or any number of personal challenges.

The ethereal vision of the Parthenon in the distant background could be a symbolic nod to ancient wisdom, enlightenment, and the ideals of beauty, truth, and the pursuit of intellectual and spiritual growth that the Greeks championed.

"The Warrior" encourages viewers to consider their own battles, their personal growth, and the wisdom they have acquired along the way. It's a call to celebrate the warrior within each of us - the strength, courage, and perseverance it takes to overcome obstacles and reach for higher planes of existence. This thought-provoking work would make an empowering and inspirational addition to any personal art collection.


  • Dimensions: 18x18
  • Medium: Oil on Panel
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Although this original is already part of a private collection, you can bring home a Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Reproduction of it by visiting: The Warrior | Limited Edition.

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