Meet the Artist

Juan 'One' Sepúlveda is an artist whose work is a testament to seeing things differently. Through the use of symbols, optical illusions, and a variety of mediums - from ink drawings and oil paintings to sculpture - his art radiates a passion for learning, inspiration, and creativity. Each piece is a reflection of his life experiences and the lessons he's learned, all crafted with the intention of inspiring the viewer. This commitment to conveying inspiring messages through his art has given birth to his slogan, 'Art with a Purpose.' Juan's ultimate goal is to keep the cycle of inspiration going through his voice and his brush.

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Early Career

Juan Sepúlveda was born in Puerto Rico, where his artistic ambitions were nurtured by his mother's creative endeavors and his father’s entrepreneurial spirit. Recognizing that there were more opportunities for him as an artist in The United States, Juan moved to Florida in 1999.

A year later, Juan's career took a significant leap forward when he joined the Wyland Galleries as an art framing specialist. This role gave him invaluable insights into the gallery business and offered him the opportunity to learn from renowned artists such as Wyland, James Coleman, Jim Warren, and Walfrido. Their influence, coupled with his passion and dedication, propelled Juan's artistic development.

By 2004, Juan's dream had become a reality. He transitioned to being a full-time artist, marking a pivotal moment in his artistic career.

A Dream Come True

In 2011, Juan Sepúlveda realized a childhood dream: he became a Disney artist. As a child visiting Walt Disney World, he had imagined one day being able to contribute to the magic of the park. This dream became a reality when he joined the team as a Scenic Artist during the 2011 Fantasyland Expansion in Magic Kingdom. Working alongside a team of talented artists and artisans under the guidance of legendary Disney Imagineers, Juan left his artistic mark on one of the most beloved destinations in the world. If you've visited Walt Disney World, you've likely experienced the magic of Juan's work firsthand.

Making History

In 2018, Juan Sepúlveda's talent was recognized at the highest level in his adopted home state. Florida Governor Rick Scott and First Lady Ann Scott honored him as Florida's 2018 Featured Hispanic Artist. This prestigious recognition led to a selection of Juan's paintings being exhibited in the Governor's Mansion, where he delivered a moving speech titled 'The Power of Words' during the gala night. This event was made even more special by the presence of his father, who was there to witness the realization of Juan's dream.

Following a warm public reception, one of Juan's original paintings, 'The Journey,' was added to the Florida Department of State's permanent collection. Today, 'The Journey' hangs alongside the works of influential Florida artists like Romero Britto, marking a significant milestone in Juan's career and further cementing his legacy as an artist of influence and inspiration.

A Higher Mission

Aside from his art, Juan founded The Gentlemen's Brotherhood, a project dedicated to inspiring men to become the best they can be. Over the past decade, Juan has been using his art and his words to share stories that inspire others to live a life worth emulating.

In recognition of his efforts, Juan was made a Kentucky Colonel, the highest honor the State of Kentucky can give to a civilian, by Governor Steven L. Beshear in 2014.

Cultural Legacy

In 2021, the Florida Department of Education introduced a new textbook to their official school curriculum titled "Senderos". Published by Vista Higher Learning of Massachusetts, this book features a section dedicated to Hispanic artists who have made significant contributions to fields such as music, film, and visual arts in the state of Florida. Among these influential figures, Sepúlveda was honored with a full-page profile.

This recognition not only solidified Sepúlveda's status as a leading Hispanic artist but also allowed his work to inspire a new generation of learners. This milestone stands as a proud moment in the artist’s career, further cementing his legacy as an artist of influence and inspiration.

Family Life

Beyond the canvas, Sepúlveda is a family man with a love for travel and storytelling. In 2021, Juan, his wife Jennifer, and their two sons embarked on a cross-country journey from Central Florida to California, an adventure that further enriched his perspective as an artist.

At home, the Sepúlvedas enjoy a cherished tradition of weekly movie nights, a testament to their shared love for the arts and narratives that inspire and provoke thought. Today, from his home studio in Central Florida, Juan continues to pursue his dream of having a positive impact on others through his voice and his brush.