Welcome to The Sepúlveda Studios

Step into a realm where art transcends boundaries. Discover the unique fusion of creativity and insight in Juan ‘One’ Sepulveda's work. Here, art serves as more than just decoration; it is a call to introspection, dialogue, and enlightenment. Each brushstroke tells a story, inviting you to see the world through a new lens. Explore and enjoy the layered meanings within Art with a Purpose™.

Limited Edition Fine Art

In addition to the original artworks, we offer an exclusive selection of Limited Edition Canvas Reproductions. Our prints are produced with the utmost care and attention to detail, to closely replicate the vibrancy and depth of the original artwork. Each piece is part of a limited set of hand-signed and numbered reproductions. Bring home the inspiration!

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Paper Prints

Explore this exclusive selection of fine art paper prints by artist Juan 'One' Sepúlveda. These reproductions are crafted with acid-free materials to enhance their longevity and preserve their vibrancy for years to come. Whether you are starting your art collection or looking to expand it to other rooms in your house, these prints are a perfect addition to your environment. Their size and price also make them an attractive option for gift giving. Give the gift of 'Art with a Purpose™' today!

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Art Around the World

Explore the map below to see where Juan ‘One’ Sepulveda's art has found homes, gracing walls and spaces across the globe. Each pin signifies a story, a connection, and the universal appeal of his creations.

Become part of this global tapestry. Consider acquiring a piece from One's collection and adding another pin to this ever-expanding map.