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Juan One Sepulveda

Franklin Splatter | Latex on Canvas

Franklin Splatter | Latex on Canvas

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At first glance, this painting echoes the raw emotion of Abstract Expressionism—a tumultuous dance of drips and drizzles, each with its own story and trajectory, reminiscent of the iconic work of Jackson Pollock. Dive deeper into its embrace, and these individual strokes harmonize into a larger-than-life visage of Benjamin Franklin.

Crafted meticulously with latex on canvas, the painting embodies a juxtaposition of chaos and order. Up close, you're engaged with the candid spontaneity of each drip. Yet, as you distance yourself, an orchestrated mastery emerges. The face of a founding father, a polymath, a visionary—Franklin stares back, as if reminding us of the potential beauty in seeming chaos.

Incorporate this masterpiece into your living space, and let it be a conversation starter. How often does one encounter a work where abstraction and precision intermingle so fluidly? Let "Splatter Franklin" be that dynamic focal point, offering varied impressions based on one's perspective. Dive in, step back, and witness the magic unfold.🎨🖌️

Explore its detail in your home, and challenge guests to experience its duality: the raw emotion up close and the iconic figure from afar.


  • Dimensions: 30x40
  • Medium: Latex on Canvas
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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