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Juan One Sepulveda

Forbidden Fruit | Oil on Canvas

Forbidden Fruit | Oil on Canvas

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Unearth the tender complexity of relationships in 'One's' captivating painting, "Forbidden Fruit". This piece intertwines symbols of desire, temptation, and innocence, making it a vibrant conversation piece for your art collection.

Two of the artist's signature characters, the Kudu, stand intimately close, their wooden bodies embodying an organic connection. Before them lies a plate, abundant with fresh fruit – a tantalizing symbol of the lush rewards and inherent risks of vulnerability.

Behind the Kudu, a stark contrast unfolds. A barren tree stands, its lifeless limbs defying the vitality of the green, fertile ground it springs from. From one of these limbs hangs a solitary apple – a poignant symbol of temptation and forbidden knowledge, further enriching the painting's narrative.

Above, a serene blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds blankets the scene, adding an air of tranquility and purity that counterbalances the subtle undertones of tension and temptation.

"Forbidden Fruit" holds a mirror to our deepest human experiences. It is a stunning reminder of the intricate dance between desire, caution, and the quest for understanding that defines our relationships. As part of your collection, this piece promises to inspire thoughtful conversation and introspection.


  • Dimensions: 12x12
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas 
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Although this original is already part of a private collection, you can bring home a Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Reproduction of it by visiting: Forbidden Fruit | Limited Edition.

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